3 Steps for Gospel Community Multiplication


As Gospel Communities grow, leaders emerge, multiplication is necessary. Gospel Communities multiply by following 3 steps for healthy multiplication: VISION, INCUBATION, and CELEBRATION.

1 VISION/ A leader must articulate, pray, and cast vision for multiplication.

All Gospel Communtiy leaders should be able to clearly articulate the 3 Marks of CG Formation {LEADER-CORE-MISSION} and the 3 Steps of CG Multiplication {VISION-INCUBATION-CELEBRATION}. Leaders should cast vision for multiplication from day one. Bring up the topic of multiplication regularly at a) the beginning of a meeting and b) during prayer time. Ask God to multiply your CG for the sake of the Gospel!

When should we multiply?

Once the qualitative marks are in place, a quantity of 10-15 people have been reached, and a qualified leader is called, you may begin the multiplication process (see below).

When a CG member moves to another area of the city, or the group begins to get too large (15-20), the leader should use it as an opportunity to teach multiplication.

2 INCUBATION/ A period of time that allows a new leader-core-mission to form within the mother group.

Incubation begins when a qualified leader is called. The current CG leader and community confirm their calling to lead and help them form a core of 6-8 people. Future leader begins attending CG leader trainings and meetings (80%).

How do you incubate?

New CGs incubate when a future leader gathers a “core” people who want to join them. This core gets together for meals, prayer, and development of an identified MISSION. This newly forming community stays committed to their current CG until they are ready to multiply (until LEADER-CORE-MISSION are all in place).

3 MULTIPLICATION/ A new group starts by celebrating the Spirit’s work in growing the church.

Multiplication is not a divorce; it is a birth and must be CELEBRATED! The first week of the new CG gathering, the sending CG attends and throws a party for the new group. If the host home isn’t large enough go to a local restaurant

Why celebrate multiplication?

This party is to celebrate the birth of a new community, to rejoice that there will be more Gospel, community, and mission influence in our city. It also serves to encourage the new group and strengthen the mother group.