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Proactive & Reactive Mission from Caesar Kalinowski on Vimeo. When starting a missional community, many will ask the question: How do we all have the same context for mission if we aren't living in the same neighborhood?  Many state that they already have people in their work place, or elsewhere, that are part of their mission field so they don't want to then have another mission ...Continue
As Christians, we often wonder why we continue to sin in the same old ways, see so little real change in our lives, and possess such a low desire to be “on mission” for God. We generally continue to live our Christian version of the “American Dream” with a little church attendance thrown in on Sundays, and maybe a weekly Bible study, when it fits our schedule. If we have ...Continue
Thanksgiving has passed and we’re heading into the Christmas season. I’ve been reflecting on the past year and I’m humbled and amazed at all that God has allowed us to do together in 2012. Thank you for everything! This year the GCM Collective has grown from a small affiliation of seven missional church leaders to the largest collection of missional practitioners in the world. ...Continue
Back in 2005, while a bunch of us were trying to figure out what a truly "missional" church and existence would look like, The Shaping of Things to Come became the only road map we could find. That book didn't so much tell the reader what to do, but it dropped enough road signs along the way that it became an immeasurable help and confirmation that we were on the right road and not totally ...Continue