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Sacrilege by Hugh Halter is one of the best books I've read on the understanding of truly who this Jesus of Nazareth is.  Hugh, in his normal wit, paints a pretty simple picture of Jesus and what he was about by taking the reader through the Sermon on the Mount.  A great summation of what Hugh is trying to get at in the book comes in the form of this quote:  Jesus really ...Continue
Here at the GCM Collective, we are always trying to find and create more and more resources to come along side the church so that they can BE the church to those they have been sent to show off what God is like.  Recently, we published our first eBook: Be the Church: Discipleship and Mission Made Simple 10 Drawings - 10 Conversations.  It has been overwhelming to see the ...Continue
I found this to be very practical and a question we get often by those we train.  To find the original article, you can check out Josh's blog here: Living on Mission in the Sticks   Living On Misssion in the Sticks by Josh Cousineau I live in New England, which doesn’t really have a ton of urban centers. And of all the states in New England, I live in Maine, ...Continue
Sometimes the simplest things can get lost in tradition or become over complicated due to confusion or lack of practice. Sometimes we are just too smart for our own good. The reality of who we are as Christians, the Church and as disciples, while having historical and eternal importance, has become somewhat muddled in our modern understanding and dialogue. As the conversation ...Continue
I found this quick article by Michael Wallenmeyer very helpful.  I also believe he is right and points to something we've allowed to go astray for far too long.  Any thoughts?  The original article can be found over at Michael's blog __________________________________________________________________________ I was at a recent GCM Collective in Philly and I was inspired ...Continue