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Thanksgiving has passed and we’re heading into the Christmas season. I’ve been reflecting on the past year and I’m humbled and amazed at all that God has allowed us to do together in 2012. Thank you for everything! This year the GCM Collective has grown from a small affiliation of seven missional church leaders to the largest collection of missional practitioners in the world. ...Continue
The GCM Collective, (Gospel Communities on Mission Collective), desires to promote just that: Communities of people, motivated by the gospel to living as sent ones in places God has called them to.  These communities desire to love God and love neighbor with the goal of making disciples of Jesus who then go out and make more disciples.   We believe that the three components of: ...Continue
Our main task as leaders 18 August 2010 by Tim Chester In Philippians 1 Paul says he is sure he will survive his imprisonment “and I will continue with all of you for your progress and joy in the faith” (25). It is an intriguing glimpse into how Paul saw the goal of his ministry. His goal was to make people happy, to bring them joy. This, of course, we much ...Continue