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The Porterbrook Institute provides training for church leadership with a strong missional edge. It's the sister of the acclaimed Porterbrook Learning programme and forms a natural next step for those who have completed Porterbrook Learning. The programme Director is GCM co-founder, Tim Chester. We currently run two diploma courses: Diploma in Church Leadership Diploma in Church ...Continue
A review of A Reader’s Greek New Testament, eds. Richard J. Goodrich and Albert L. Lukaszewski, 2nd Edition, Zondervan, 2007. Available here from and Maybe like me you studied NT Greek at college, but never really kept it up. Now when you pick up your Greek NT your progress is so slow it hardly seems worth it. Or you need something to help you refresh your ...Continue
I’m posting a few quotes from Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Life Together (available here from and which I recently reviewed on my blog (here). Today some quotes on the danger of loving the dream of community, but not real people – a danger to which people in the missional movement are perhaps especially prone. He who has ears to hear ...Continue
A review of Winston T. Smith, It’s All About Me: The Problem with Masturbation, New Growth Press, 2009. Available here from Also available as a five pack from It’s All About Me is the latest in CCEF’s excellent series of pastoral booklets. It’s 20 pages long and, like the other booklets in the series, clearly designed to be used as part of ...Continue
A review of Timothy Keller, Gospel in Life: Grace Changes Everything DVD and Workbook , Zondervan, 2010. In January I claimed that Tim Keller’s The Prodigal God DVD and workbook was my resource of 2009. I’m pretty confident that his new Gospel In Life DVD and workbook will my resource of 2010. As the title suggests, Gospel in Life looks at how the gospel is to be lived out in ...Continue