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Feb 26

The Proactive and Reactive Mission

Caesar Kalinowski

Proactive & Reactive Mission from Caesar Kalinowski on Vimeo.

When starting a missional community, many will ask the question: How do we all have the same context for mission if we aren't living in the same neighborhood? 

Many state that they already have people in their work place, or elsewhere, that are part of their mission field so they don't want to then have another mission context in a neighborhood.  

What we have found is that people have both a proactive and reactive mission.  Caesar Kalinowski explains in this video what we mean by this. 

Below the image describes what Caesar speaks of. 


egmont mika on Sep 22, 2013 11:11am

Very helpful explanation! I think, everyone should try to do both. As I understand, integration of the two does not necessarily mean to bring people into a community of believers, but also that some believers go out and form a community around the person they want to reach in that person's context.