Napkin Theology

For most of us a quick image describing what we desire to say is very powerful.  Below is a collection of simplistic images that we call "Napkin Theology".  Use liberally.  

"artwork"...and we use that very loosely, is done by Seth McBee



Discipleship is about bringing all areas of our lives under the Lordship of Jesus by the power of the Spirit through the good news.



A fully formed disciple lives out the understanding of who they now are in Christ. Based on Matt 28:18-20



The difference between small groups' and missional communities' primary function


An MC is not primarily any of these...although any of these can be part of the function of an MC



An MC, to look like Jesus, should always have a proactive and a reactive mission


We don't go to church, but we are sent by the power of the Spirit to BE the church




The church as a business vs the church as sent ones


The Purpose of the Gospel is to make disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus to fill the earth with God's glory